Monday, 11 March 2013

Wilbur: The mini gangster rapper!

 photo gangsta_zpsb5c7407a.png
Hi guys,
Never has the fact that these little people we bring into the world have their own personalities been more obvious. Because even now, at three months old, it's very clear that Wilbur has his own musical tastes. And they are very very different from my own.

Not for my boy the tales of Incy Wincy Spider. He has no interest in the bears going over the mountain. Nope, the only music that can raise a smile and a laugh from my little boy is gangster rap. True story.

It started one day when he wouldn't sleep and as I was rocking him I started to sing R Kelly's Ignition (Remix). It was the 'bounce bounce bounce' part that got stuck in my head, because that's exactly what I was doing! Wilbur immediately perked up and started laughing. That song quickly became his favourite, and a guaranteed way to raise a smile. On it's own, this could be a one off. So his Dad and I decided to try an experiment.

Last night we had the first of what we have decided to call 'gangster rap hours'. We played Wilbur all of the rap we could think of: Usher's Yeah. Coolio's Gangster's Paradise (a real favourite). Even the thong song: we don't have much knowledge of rap, and it was all we could think of! He kicked his legs, he smiled, bounced and giggled. Then we tried playing our favourite songs: some Nirvana. Michael Jackson. These were met with a stony face and complete silence. During Smells like Teen Spirit he actually cried. And this from a boy who's parents will only listen to bands who play their own instruments: where does it come from?!

He's already his own person with his own tastes. My baby knows what he likes and it's songs about guns, expensive Champagne, and misogyny!

Wilbur's not exactly a gangster rappers name. But it doesn't look like it's going to stop him rolling with his homies.....

Love Tor xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Can you stop growing up now, please?

Hi guys,
Today was a momentous occasion worthy of breaking out the 'good' camera and snapping away frantically: today was the first time Wilbur wore a 3-6 month old outfit. He's officially outgrown his 0-3 month romper suits, which are leaving his legs scrunched and uncomfortable. He may be slight, but he has seriously long legs: he's going to be long and lean like his daddy! photo wilburandmummy_zps29f0d234.png
This joins a long list of firsts I've experienced over the past 12 weeks: his first smile, his first giggle. The first time he held a rattle and shook it: all. by. himself!!! It might not seem like a big deal to anyone else but to me each of these firsts is a massive occasion. His achievements make my day: but can I also admit that they make me a little sad because he is growing up FAR too fast!

Wilbur isn't a newborn anymore. He hasn't been one for a while if I'm honest, and he lost his newborn looks weeks ago. Now he has a proper, inquisitive little boy's face. He won't even let me hold him lying down like a baby any more (unless i'm feeding him) He likes to be sat up and watching the world go by: everything is fascinating to him.

I love my brand new Wilbur: he laughs when I smile, and is the only person in the world who truly appreciates my singing. I'm looking forward to a summer spent pushing him on the swings in the park, and introducing him to the joy of food for the first time.

But I wouldn't mind if time stopped for a little while, instead of flashing by in the blink of an eye. I want him to be my newborn baby boy for just a little bit longer...

Love Tor x