Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Baby Boy's fashion bargain of the week!

Hi guys,
Yesterday I popped to the city to pick up a few bits and bobs, and whilst I was there I just couldn't resist a little shopping for the baby. This cute (slightly hipster, but I like that!) T-shirt is from Peacocks for just £3. Bargain! I especially loved the bowtie embellishment. Wilbur will be wearing this with his grey chinos and Converse for a very simple and easy but cool Spring look.  photo peacockstee_zps46a7784b.jpg
Peacocks might not necessarily be a place you'd think to look for baby clothes, but they have a really nice range that they're promoting quite heavily at the moment: lots of lovely romper suits, and a couple of lovely raincoats that would be perfect for the approaching April showers! Definitely worth checking out if there's a Peacocks store near you.

Their baby range covers sizes from newborn to 18 months.

Love Tor x

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Friday, 8 February 2013

The misery of Mastitis

Hi guys,
Wilbur had spent the past couple of days with a cold, so when I started feeling tired and achey, I assumed I'd caught his sniffle. Very quickly I started to feel worse and worse: shivers, chills, aching all over, the worst headache. So I took us both to bed. Then when I woke up my right breast was swollen and sore: it felt like I'd been punched in the boob! That's when I realised I had mastitis.

Two hours later (my doctor is amazingly efficient and always fits us in) I had been given antibiotics and sent home to rest. I couldn't believe how quickly it had come on. Thankfully, today I am starting to feel a lot better, but it's been a pretty miserable 48 hours!

Here are a few of the tricks I tried to ease the pain (thanks to my mum and Doctor Google) that seemed to help me feel better faster, and at the very least make me feel like I was doing something proactive to help myself:

1. A long hot bath with hot compresses. I jumped in the bath and placed a roasting hot flannel over my boob. The heat helped to ease the pain, but also encouraged let down, meaning some of the milk the baby wasn't drinking was released: hopefully helping to unclog everything!

2. Keep feeding. This is the most painful of all the tips, but apparently the most essential. If you don't keep feeding from the affected boob then the blockage will only get worse, you will get more engorged, and the pain will keep getting worse. So yes. Grit your teeth and feed your baby! But as my doctor said, still feed from the other boob too, or you'll end up with mastitis in that boob as well!

3. If you can bear to touch it, massage the sore part of the breast gently.

4. Take something to ease the pain. Ibuprofen and paracetamol are both safe to take whilst breastfeeding (Aspirin is NOT) so take something to help with the other symptoms: if you can get rid of that headache, then you're one step closer to feeling human again!

Have you suffered with the horrible pain of mastitis? How long did it take until you felt back to normal again? And do you have any other tips to have to help with the pain? They'll all be gratefully received!

Love Tor x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Limited edition Peter Rabbit collection at babyGap

Hi guys,
To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Peter Rabbit, babyGap have brought out a limited edition collection inspired by the stories. I love every single piece of the collection, both for boys and girls: great colours, lovely prints, and a quintessentially English feel characterise the whole collection. Once you see it, I defy anyone not to want it!
 photo peterrabbit1_zps1a8c3f84.png  photo peterrabbit3_zpsb228a0fc.png photo peterrabbit2_zps4a6e0ece.png
As soon as I saw the collection in my local Gap store I picked up the knitted Peter Rabbit hat for the little man: he's worn it every day since, and it is officially my new favourite hat for him! I then thought about it and went back for the Peter Rabbit face knitted jumper and the rabbit printed polo shirt.

My favourite piece from the whole collection though is the knitted Jemima Puddleduck hat: it's almost enough to make me wish I had a little girl! I also really like the vibrant blue boys shawl collared cardigan: this could well be my next purchase for Wilbur!

Have you seen the Peter Rabbit collection yet? Any purchases? I'd love to know what you think of it!

Love Tor x

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